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If you are a woman who feels like you’re being overlooked, undervalued, and that it’s impossible for you to advance in your career because the odds are against you, then this is for you.

Society’s expectations, the way women have been “branded”, and the corporate environment in general make it very difficult as a woman to reach your career goals.

As a woman you’re expected to:

When you’ve had a tough life and experienced trauma in your past (or perhaps your present), all of this becomes infinitely more difficult.

You feel like you have to have your guard up all the time. That you can only rely on yourself. You’re constantly having an inner struggle between showing up at work as though nothing is wrong, and being able to show up as yourself.

Carrying this amount of pressure prevents you from living a happy life (no matter how many successes you have), and I’m here to show you another way.

It is possible for you to have the respect and influence you desire in both your life and career, without having to sacrifice your sense of self.

And it all begins with YOU.

Finding happiness and reaching your goals is not actually about working hard, doing more, and staying focused (as we’ve been taught), the real keys lay within. This may come as a surprise, but your mental health and state of wellbeing make the biggest difference.

You see, you can’t control everyone around you or oftentimes even your environment. What you can control is how much love you show yourself, how you react in situations, the way you treat others, and what actions you take to achieve what you want.

By focusing on these things, you will be surprised at how quickly your circumstances can change.

In this program I will guide you on a spiritual journey to make the internal shifts that in turn will allow you to expand your influence, be a stronger voice for yourself, and achieve your life and career goals — without increasing pressure on yourself or making sacrifices.

Here is how we do that:

Get Clear on Your Vision

To focus our work we first need to explore what you want to achieve and what that means for your career, life and relationships. We aren’t talking about “goals” here, those are merely stopping points along the way. What we dig into is what makes you feel fulfilled, and what your heart truly wants for you.

Understand Your Inner Environment

We live in our thoughts for so much of our lives, and it’s important to understand what’s going on in your inner environment and how your thoughts may be working against you.

The reality is, everyone has negative thoughts, and if you’ve had a lot of struggle in your life then you may have more than most- and that can profoundly affect how you live your life.

In this phase I “get in your head” so to speak and work to understand what triggers stress for you and what thoughts you’re having on a daily or moment to moment basis that are affecting you. I also want to know what brings you joy and satisfaction.

Reshaping Your Inner Environment

Once you understand more about your inner environment, the easier it is for you to adapt and adjust to a more positive and exciting reality. In this phase we work on developing the skills and tools that you can use on a daily basis to manage stress, mitigate your triggers, and release the traumas you are physically holding in your body.

This is an exciting phase because very quickly you will begin to FEEL better physically, mentally, and emotionally. And your ability to control how you feel moment to moment is squarely in your hands.

Optimize Your Outer Environment

Just as important as your inner environment is making sure that where you’re living and how you’re taking care of yourself is also supporting your growth. In this phase we focus on the parts of your environment that you can control. We will explore your self care routines, how you’re fueling and taking care of your body, and making adjustments to your living space to infuse positive energy and joy into your every day.

Develop Your Influence

In reality, this stage has been in the works the whole time we’re working together. We’re working on all the previous steps while supporting you as you navigate day to day challenges, experiment with new ways to communicate, and address the challenges and beliefs you have around showing up authentically. All of these changes will impact the way you’re showing up at work and at home.

You’ll begin to show up more authentically as yourself, and people will notice and respond to you differently. Alongside this “inner and outer work” I will support you through your day to day decisions, how to best respond to situations, and developing the skills that will help you become a true woman of influence.

All of these steps combined will help you feel more fulfilled and confident, develop your influence at work, and position yourself for promotions (and relieve a lot of the stress you feel while balancing home and career).

This is a great opportunity for you if:

If any of these sound like you then we should talk. I work with my clients one-on-one via Zoom so we can work together wherever you live.

I have both 6 and 12 month packages, and we can discuss which option would best fit your goals.

Packages start at $1500 per month.

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Sandy headshot

Sandy M-W.

German Writer, Author: Just Add Love

“Through her coaching, Rezarta has provided me with practical strategies and insights that have significantly enhanced my ability to thrive in my career while maintaining a strong connection with my children.”

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Trishala S.

Engineering Senior Associate

“Over the last year and a half, I have rerouted my career to a place where I can genuinely say that I feel fulfilled today. I am so grateful to have met Rezarta and to have her coaching.”

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Alison S.

Commercial Real Estate Executive

“Rezarta’s teachings have brought me closer to the Divine energy that envelops us all. Through her wisdom, I’ve learned to confront my own inner negativity honestly, recognizing how it has held me back. Almost every day, I am gifted with miracles, reaffirming that I am a co-creator of my reality.”

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